Thursday, December 9, 2010

In My Mail

One of my most favorite emails I get is the Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper newsletter which you can sign up for on her website. I save so many of her photos in my decorating inspiration folder on the computer. I absolutely LOVE her Before & After segments.

Yesterday, in my email inbox, I received what I believe to be her best newsletter yet. It was her weekly Q & A and one of the best questions I have seen asked.

The question was, "Can you tell me what it costs to properly furnish a house? We are thinking of moving, and want some sort of idea before we commit of how much it might cost us to decorate the new house."

Great question and one I ask myself often when I see people I know going out and buying these huge houses (especially the younger generation who don't want to work their way up the housing chain) how in the world can they afford not only to purchase a house of that magnitude without being "house poor" with just the house, but HOW are they going to afford to decorate this house? How can someone live in a house, without any decor. With nothing on the walls? (I am going through that quite a bit now...haven't found the perfect wall items yet.) With nothing to make it comfortable and welcoming and without their own Signature Style? Mrs. Howard actually touches on this in her newsletter. However, the best part of the article was the financial really gets you.

From her reply:
"That is a very good question. I am asked this almost every day. Over the years, from decorating so many houses, as well as just rooms, we have come up with a formula for what you should expect to spend to furnish your house. I am talking about furniture, rugs, curtains, accessories, bedding, etc. Basically from soup to nuts. We calculated a square foot formula at three different levels, and I call the three levels: Coach, Business, and First class. (And of course some people don't fly commercial, so these rules do not apply to them!)  So, here is what I think you should expect to spend per square foot:

Coach class: $50.00 per sq. ft.
Business: $75.00 per sq. ft.
First Class: $100.00 per sq. ft."
Well, when I fly, I would love to fly private, but I fly Coach...I shop for the cheapest ticket I can find. However, when it comes to my home, I want to go first class. Can I afford first class? No, not at all. But I do want that look. I think I call my style, southern traditional with a casual elegance. I would love to go more formal yet still be able to live in it. And yes, I am one of those who would love to have my home look like a home in a magazine! That is why my blog is titled Signature Style ...on a budget! I am doing my best to get that first class look for coach prices or LESS!

To read her article in full, and I suggest you do, check it out here. Thank you once again Mrs. Howard, for you knowledge and words of wisdom.

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