Monday, December 6, 2010

BNOTP's Deck the Halls Party

Finally, my first Metamorphosis Monday/ Party at Between Naps on the Porch! If you only knew how exciting this is for me. I have found such inspiration seeing many of the posts on MetMonday. Many of those confirmed my idea of starting this blog.

Since this is the Deck the Halls Party, let the party begin:

This is the first year I have really decorated the exterior of our home. You will find through the course of reading my blog that I TRULY hate our house. The exterior is awful. BLAND & BORING. It is bland yellow with white trim and boring brown shutters. (Hopefully next year, it will change colors!)

Usually, I just do the little pre-lit trees on the small front porch, but this year, thanks to my mama's help, I have garland and wreaths and 16 new bows.

A close up below..beautiful white bows at the top and corners of the swag.

Looking in the window at the Christmas tree as you approach the front porch.

When you first enter our house, you find our "love" tree.

This tree I came up with this year to celebrate my husband and my love for each other.

The blue pottery angel we puchased at the State Fair this year. He is a UNC fan so he has an ornament for that and I have a Duke on on the other side. The snowflake represents when we got engaged during a snowstorm.

Here is a glass ornament of wedding bells as well as one for Our 1st Christmas, and then a gold one with the same idea.

We also have a crystal cross (we met at church) and a seashell angel because we love the beach and spend so much time there.

At the base of the tree are 2 little Santa boots. My mama made these when I was little. They say Jennifer and Jack. The Jack was my brother's back then. My husband is a Jack as well, so it is now his.

Last for today is THE Christmas tree in our home.

oops...the bow isn't on straight and it looks crooked, and I see some things I want to move around and re-adjust a ribbon.

All of the ornaments on my tree were handmade by my maternal grandmother and her sisters. They were passed down to me. I am very thankful for them. I remember being a little girl watching them all sit around the "dining" table making these gorgeous ornaments. I absolutely love them!

The tree one more time. It will be adjusted and reposted!

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree!


Paula said...

I think that this is the first time that I've seen your home all decked out for the holidays. It looks wonderful! I love the ornaments that your family members made. My grandmother made similar ones but I don't know who got them. Hope you'll show us more decorations soon!

Rettabug said...

Your home is lovely, both inside & out, JL!
I remember those Santa boots!! We had them, too. Wonder what ever happened to those???

Bella Michelle said...

Everything looks so pretty and inviting! I know you are getting ready to have your little bird back in the nest and she will love everything.