Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome to Signature Style

What is Signature Style? As we all know, everyone has their own Signature Style. Some of us are traditionalist to the core, some of us decorate as southern, southwestern, or geographically as we can. Some like old, some like new. Some like bright, energetic colors, some follow the trends, some choose neutrals, while others choose cool, soothing colors.
Each of us has our own Signature Style. However, most of us, whether we have the funds or not, love to decorate on a budget. That is what we are going to do here on Signature Style.

As we go along, you will figure my style. However, you will see designs and crafts and links to great inspirations for every style with MOST being on a budget, the way I have to decorate to get my Signature Style.

I hope you become a follower and not just a reader, I hope that you leave me comments, because I love to read them, and I hope you get some ideas to either find your Signature Style, or to make your current style more yours!
Even though I am not actually showing a Metamorphosis of Sort, I am introducing my new blog on

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Paula said...

Good luck with your new blog!